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    Culinary Adventure ‘Eat Drink Travel Play’

French Cheese Selection.

Secret Food Tour Paris

Wildly passionate about French Food? Check out our special feature on Eat Drink Travel Play as we discover a Secret Food Tour that gives a true taste of the Parisian lifestyle.

Chocolate Heaven!

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Ginger Factory, Fort Kochi.

Recipes from India  

Its destination India for the latest Mindy culinary adventure for 2015 .Check out the food and recipes discovered throughout her Eat Drink Travel Play adventure.

Hello and welcome to Mindy-Woods.com.au


Im travelling the world on a culinary tour with the team at Gourmet Earth and will be shooting across all corners of the globe to “Eat Drink Travel Play“. Seeking out , discovering and sharing with you unique, undiscovered culinary and cultural experiences.

From India, to London, France, Spain, Italy, New York, Mexico, Cuba and where ever else we find ourselves along the way. Be sure to sign up and share in this incredible culinary adventure. Check out or first instalment ‘Mumbai Street Food Tour’ below.


A city of a million food stalls Mumbai is a street food mecca. In this episode of ‘Eat Drink Travel Play‘ India we hit the bustling streets of Mumbai to discover the very best of Mumbai’s vibrant and flavoursome street food culture.

This year is all about fulfilment, not just pursuing the stuff of dreams but living it. Looking forward to a fabulously delicious time ahead.

Health, Wealth, Happiness & All Good Things,



Love the update Mindy – thanks so much and so glad everything is working out so well for you. This is more about your own fine abilities and your drive than anything we or the show did! Do let us know when your place opens – very excited for you. We are all more than a little proud of the class of 2012 and all that you are achieving! You were always one of that season’s shining lights and you continue to burn brightly! Keep it up.
Matt Preston
You did it and it make us so proud that you are above all loving your new life in food. I wish you more success, health and loads of food happiness. “Dreams come true only to those that dream”.
George Calombaris, Made Establishment